teacher courtney every weekday at 9am.

This is Jeffery, the toothbrushing Giraffe.

I just get all crazy and excited and the kids LOVE brushing their teeth.

A couple of the older ones though... they say "that's just teacher's hand"

But then they still want to give Jeffery a high-5.

Jeffery "went to a fiesta"... which is why he is all dressed up.

We are going to send him around the world and dress him up in all sorts of garb.

I love being a teacher.


Matt and Danielle Young said...

hahaha...that's cute. ethan went to a fiesta the other day. but it was because i had a bunch of mexican food making my breast milk spicy. Ole!

M-GemBlaisdell said...

You look super adorable, and the whole puppet thing is a fantastic idea to get kids excited about brushing, but...

puppet+fake teeth=Mandee gets a nightmare

Ksenia said...

Cute! What a great idea. Looks like teacher Courtney was a little excited about learning how to code for colors using html.

Andrea said...

I'm glad YOU love being a preschool teacher. That way others (like me!) don't have to. I would have an anxiety attack just looking at a rainbow rug full of a circle of preschoolers. I have no doubt you are absolutely adorable with them. They are lucky kids.