have i ever mentioned that i love photojojo???

check this action out.
upload any photo and it ages it for you. fun!


The Thornocks said...

I LOVE the aged photos, they are so awesome! You asked about Sarah who's selling the camera and where she's from. I actually am part of an online forum of mommy photographers called "mamarazzi's". The forum is www.mamarazziforum.com, but they also have a blog called mamarazzischool.com. I have learned so much from those ladies, it's amazing! I just barely realized that the Sarah selling the camera is a different Sarah than the one that I've chatted with. I'm such an idiot, I didn't check the screen name! So, I actually don't know her. Sorry about the confusion. I wrote her an e-mail and then realized she wasn't the right Sarah. Hopefully that doesn't mess up anything for you. I've already e-mailed her and told her that you're my friend and that I'm a part of the mamarazzi forum so she knows who I am. Anywho, thought I'd let you know.