i want to believe

I have chills right now... filled with excitement. It is here, finally. This show has been my one weird and slightly creepy obsession since the days of middle school. I remember the first episode I watched. I am a hair away from owning every last season on DVD (I am just missing 8). I even have action figures, books, and my mom even got me this awesome FBI patch thing several Christmases ago. I don't know why I love it and I don't know what draws me to it... but I can never get enough.
The NEW X-Files movie is here. Well, it's not here YET. But will be July 25th. And you know that I would be first in line except for the fact that it comes while while I am on Active Duty Annual Training for the Army. Cross your fingers that I will still find a way to see it!

And I have a feeling... Mulder and Scully will get it on. Just check out the "almost kissing" scene.

Wow... feel free to mock me.


Heather said...

Let's go see this... I'm so excited!!!!!