free fallin

Often times I am not so impressed when most artists cover a song. I mean, Sheryl Crow should have not done "Sweet Child o' Mine"... and Sara Evans should have never done "I'll Be"... country ones are the worst (don't you agree? why country-fy a song? that is not how it's meant to be). However, John Mayer has never let me down in this area. See the following, from his new live DVD (which is in route to my mailbox as I write this). Thank you JM for doing a beautiful job. I really love John Mayer and honestly... he just keeps getting better and better. Much better than the days of "No Such Thing" and I was even quite fond of him then.


The Thornocks said...

ohhhh, I love that man and his sweet sweet voice. I've liked him since day 1! He's amazing. Tell Dan that he is a loser for hopping on the Mayer Train a little later instead of appreciating the talent this man had from the start! ;-) Okay, so don't tell him that, I'm glad we are now all in agreement that this guy is awesome!