summer evening at the beach

Canon beach that is... with lovely haystack rock.

little lucy... with short hair!!!

it was a fun afternoon full of catch, sandcastle building, frisbee, and awesome music.

after it started getting chilly (yeah... you could see your breath), we lit up a fire and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores complete with chocolate peanut butter hershey bars... mmmm
the lady on the far left... she wasn't in our "group". her and her dog just decided to join us, she was from somewhere in Canada and slightly tipsy.

Dan and Sean played guitar most of the night and it was awesome. We all sang sat around the fire and sang along to Weezer, John Mayer, and many others. (Also, this is a "trial" logo I made. I want to start marking my photos so people don't steal them... and my favorite photography forum voted this as the winning "logo", though i am not sure it's my favorite... even though I don't have a business nor will I for a long time, if ever)
i LOVE this picture... I just think it is awesome.

last butt not least... georgia warming up her tush.


Danielle and the Boys said...

those are awesome pictures Court! and I agree with you...the pic of Dan is really cool (the color, angle, everything). I wish we could've gone. Its just so dang hard to do it with a baby when its at night time. :( Looks like you guys had fun though. We still need to get together. And yeah, I have the same old email address as always. Probably will have that thing until the day I die. lol.

Pretty Mary K said...

Um that looks like whoa fun!!! Good old Elliott he's such a dork. I really like the first one of Dan - the lighting is cool.

Georgia said...

ha ha all very flattering of me of course! No Make up and nappy hair. Fun times though!

Ksenia said...

I really like the logo, I think it's a keeper.