what's a scratch pad?

my great grandma melva is in town visiting this week and next.
she is 92 years old, the granddaughter (or great granddaughter, I can't remember right now) of wilford woodruff and as spunky as i ever remember her.
as animated and outspoken as always.
i love her.



our elders have so many wonderful stories to share with us young people. life was so different when she was our age. she was appalled when we all didn't know what a scratch pad was and that she had to pay $9 for a watch battery.

mother and son_small_01
mother and son (my maternal grandfather and great grandmother)


again, the colors look different in photoshop... blogger, you are weird. and i am not in the mood to try and change it.


Kimberly said...

Oh man! We should have come. I want to meet her! I love the pictures Court!

Anonymous said...

top right picture in the quadrant...best picture. ever.

jenn said...

Great photos Courtney!!

Eileen Curran said...

Hey Courtney! It's is Eileen... I don't know if you know me? From Hillsboro... Anyway you are such a great photographer, that's great you are getting into that. I have a question... how do you post pics that are big like that? I really want to but can't figure out how! Hope you and Dan are doing well!

The Thornocks said...

My aunt's great(or great, great??) grandfather was Wilford Woodruff! Crazy how small the world is!