another flashback

the other pictures got me going. this one is a tribute to danielle, because i love her... going back in time.

senior prom. danielle is such an example in her modest dress. i am a bad girl. haha, just kidding... sort of.

high adventure. someone made a scrap book of the entire trip of all everyone on the trip... this is our raft's page. we were affectionately called "the titanic" because well... we sank. and... i am not sleeping in that bottom picture. i am sun bathing... hahaha. danielle, this is where you got the nickname "neo", right?

this is my birthday party when i was in 8th grade. on the left is my other half (at the time) we were playing that truth of dare game where you put the sticker zits on your face and that is why Mel's hair is all crazy. There is no explanation for Danielle's face.

what is a flashback without DARE? The reason so many people are now drug addicts. and i am doing the double chin smile. Danielle, remember Jamie? What ever happened to her?

AND last but not least, girl scouts. This is back in the old days of Indian Hills. Holy smokes... I really need to find our kindergarten graduation pictures. I know you're in those. But as for now... this is as far back as we go. We had to have been in 1st grade here.

Don't hate me Danielle. hahahaha... I had another girls camp picture of you, but it was too incriminating.

More to come....


Danielle and the Boys said...

hahahahahaha....I LOVE IT! Oh man. I check your blog like everyday looking for new gorgeous pictures and today was the first time I didn't see a good one at the top. but these are funny. Goodness, you're making me want to go through all my old pictures and do a post. You just wait Courtney. I'm gonna find some good ones... :)

P.S. In the last picture, I look like a vampire from the Twilight series. Yeeaaaahhh...

P.S.S. Maaaaaaan I was awkward!

Rob and Marseille said...

you guys are so funny

M-GemBlaisdell said...

Oh my gosh Danielle does look like a vampire in that last pic!! Hahaha. Cute pictures!!