Ohhhh WOW!

so our awesome friend ashleigh sent me an email with some old pictures she found of me at girls camp. i have a ton of old pictures from that time of my life somewhere (but not digital copies). the funny thing is... at this time of our lives... ash and i weren't even friends... but we both have a few pictures of eachother from various girls camp and high adventure trips! so here i am embarrassing myself:

i have no idea what is going on here. i am assuming we are doing a skit... but i really cannot remember this AT ALL... and i can't remember why i am wearing those boxers over my pants.

this was my last year at girls camp. i was a third year counselor and the theme for the third years was snow white and the seven dwarves... and our cabin was "grumpy" so we all made shirts with our dwarf and had matching hats (that look horrific)... hahaha!

now i'll have to scan some good ones of ashleigh and she can post hers ;)

AND... what are some embarrassing pictures of me... without some good ones of Dan?

Dan in Portugal (actually... San Francisco)

Dan at EFY looking like a cute teenager. No wonder he had those EFY girlfriends ;)

and no, mine do not go this far back... but how could i resist such a cute face?we're going to have the cutest kids ever.


The Thornocks said...

Ha Ha, that's just so funny! Oh, and little Dan. Actually, those teenage pictures is how I will always remember Dan. I don't really think of him as an adult now. He will forever be in his teens to me.

Daniel Edwin said...

Actually, Ashleigh I think that picture of me in the blue shirt by the ocean was either during or immediately before or after you and I "went out" in 8th grade. I'm glad that I could pass as a sophomore, which is when I went to Portugal.

Danielle and the Boys said...

hahaha....i love it. oh girls camp. there are some serious blackmail pictures that were taken there. Eeek.

Rob and Marseille said...

don't you remember it was the coolest thing to wear boxers over our pants at girls camp. Some girls wore their bras and underwear over their clothes...but I think that's weird.

M-GemBlaisdell said...

That last picture of Dan looks soooo much like Emmy!! I can't get over it.