our halloween

For Halloween we spent most of the evening trick or treating. Dan and I took Jaden and Brianna out to trick or treat and then our dear friends and family joined us; the Janeways and the other Blaisdell's (Dan's brother Greg and his wife Mandee with their two adorable little girls). It was fun with all the little kids and Lucy running around. It was great to see all the kids so excited and seeing people at the houses we knew (who gave us candy too... score!).


lucy wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get a good picture of her. i should have gotten shots before we left our house... once she's around all the kids, she gets too excited.
emmy had the cutest costume ever. she was just so adorable... i couldn't get enough of her.
me and my buddy, meg. she had to hold me hand the entire night. i heart her.
and Brayden and the cutest clown ever.

and last, but certainly not least... me and my "sister", kim. she is great and i love her so much. we have a lot in common AND twice people have mistaken us for sisters. she really is like a sister to me, so i love it!

after all the trick of treating we socialized and talked at mama and papa Blaisdell's for quite some time.

Earlier that day we had a Halloween party at work for the kids. I sort of "dressed up" as a fairy. If only I could post the pictures from the party... there are some AWESOME ones from the games we played.
and jade as a cheerleader!


Blaine said...

What cute pictures! Did you and Dan score any candy?! It was nice seeing you at the baby shower. I wish I would have gotten a chance to talk with you... But the kid kind of held me back from a lot of talking that day! It was right during nap time... Go figure.

Kimberly said...

I heart you Courtney! The pictures, as usual, are awesome. I'll have to get the couple of Brayden from you. And I don't mind people thinking we're sisters cuz you pretty much ROCK!

haha...Love ya!