serious lack of posts

i haven't been a very good blogger lately. i have a good excuse though.

this weekend was a good one. friday night we went to go see Ron Hughes at the Sellwood Public House with our friends Zach & Ksenia and Georgia & AJ. After some good music, conversation, and food we all headed to my favorite dessert place, Papa Haydn's (also where our wedding cake was from... mmm... can't wait for our the 15th of December) for some dessert! Dan and I got some apple upside down cake that was to die for!

then on saturday night we hung out with Kim & Sean. after Kim and i played around making some photo books, we all went to Out of this World Pizza for some play time with Brayden and chat time for us... and pizza! then we ended up hanging out, talking, playing games (well, i was tired and took a break and a quick nap during the game part) until 2am... something i haven't done for ages and it was totally worth it and fun.

(brayden was scared of that thing)


The Thornocks said...

UGH, I'm so sad I missed it! I wish I could have gone. I know that Jayden would have had a cow! Well, I'm glad you guys had fun, but we're still getting together at some point this week. I need a model fr some practice shots for the wedding. Wanna volunteer???

Kimberly said...

I HEART YOU!! I had a blast :) I'm glad we were able to sleep in today! I hope you were able to too

Danielle and the Boys said...

fuuuuuuun!!! so glad you guys had an awesome weekend, i'll need to try that place out with Ethan when he gets a bit more stable on his feet. Hope you're doing awesome. I feel like I haven't talked to you in awhile. Perhaps we can catch up later.

Ksenia said...

It was fun, thanks for getting us out of the house.

Rob and Marseille said...

congrats!!! I just saw your banner!!!! Have you been sick? ARe you due the end of June?