24 hours of cloth

i got my trial pack of cloth diapers yesterday and have now been using the diapers for over 24 hours. here is my report thus far (subject to change in the days and weeks to come):

i am having to wash a lot because the trial pack doesn't give you a full supply, but minus that factor (since that won't be an issue when i have more) and i love them. so easy, even the prefolds with the thirsties covers are easy.

prefolds w/ snappis & cover: pretty easy and doable for around the house during the day. not as absorbent or as long-lasting as the all-in-ones, BUT, not that much more difficult... especially if you just tri-fold them and stick the cover on, which I only did once, this would be more convenient with an older kid who didn't have super newborn runny poops multiple times a day.

thirsties fab fitted w/ cover: these fit WONDERFULLY, I don't see how these could ever leak, i love them. WOW. Downside: not a one-size diaper, so it would be more expensive to buy multiple sizes to diaper the baby from newborn-potty training.

thirsties all-in-one: fit wonderfully well and are barely quicker than the fab fitted w/ cover, but they take longer to dry in the wash. also, not a one-size-fit-all diaper, the only downside. however, probably the quickest to change a baby with, like a disposable you can wash.

bumgenius all-in-one 3.0: love these. they dry quickly (the inserts take longer, obviously, but still one dry cycle so far, but I have been doing small loads). they are a bit bulky at this stage, but still doable for sure. they are SUPER absorbent. we had it on him last night and it was amazing. It also wicks away the moisture pretty well, since the insert isn't right against the skin.

bumgenius organic all-in-one: hate this diaper. why? i haven't even been able to use it yet. it would kill your electric bill. for your first use you have to wash it and then dry it FOUR times. I am on the third dry. It is so thick and has so many layers, it takes about 3 cycles to dry ON IT'S OWN in my dryer. Really? NO THANK YOU.

fuzzi bunz perfect size: my favorite thus far. reason one: it is an all-in-one and a one-size diaper, you only need to buy one set. reason two: it dries super fast, again, the inserts longer than the diaper itself. reason three: it fits really well and is way less bulky than the bumgenius, even though I love those too. reason four: it is super soft... man, that would feel like heaven on anyone's bum, too bad i am potty trained. reason five: the snaps. while they take longer, they don't stick to things, you don't have to worry about re closing them before you wash, even though it takes about 2 seconds longer to snap than to velcro.


Danielle and the Boys said...

'...too bad i am potty trained'

hahaha! pretty sure that's the first and ONLY time I'll ever hear an adult say that-thanks for making my day!

glad your experience is working well with the reusable diapers-and way cool that you get to try lots of them. I have some gdiapers that I bought with ethan-but he had almost grown out of them when i got them so i still don't know if i like them or not. but they sure are darn cute on those little bums! good luck with everything!

Darcy Taylor said...

Courtney, I thought Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size were a sized diaper. I know they have a One Size, but I think it is called the FuzziBunz One Size. Am I wrong?

I have heard excellent things about the Fuzzi Bunz, especially as a night diaper. Since Grae does best with fleece between his skin and the cloth diaper, I have been looking at pocket diapers as our next move (he has almost grown out of his current diapers). I am considering Swaddlebees pocket diapers for daytime use (trimmer than FuzziBunz, so better fit under clothes), and then FuzziBunz Perfect Size for night. You'll have to let me know if you still like the Fuzzibunz after a few days.

Oh, another diaper I hear a lot about for trimness under clothes is Bumware Extreme.

Courtney B said...

You are right, Darcy. The perfect size is one a one-sized diaper, but fuzzi bunz does make a one-sized one.

The fuzzi bunz are great. I think I am going to end up getting those, but we'll see.

Ksenia said...

haha, I've been slowly gathering my info to write a cloth diaper review for 7 months, and here you are, after 24 hours. Way to be on top of things.

I'm glad you're finding stuff you like! It is so not as hard as people make it out to be.

Ksenia said...

P.S. I'd love to see some of this stuff and how to use it (snappies? what?).

Anonymous said...

Awesome review! "too bad I'm potty trained" lol!

Almost makes me want to try them all out. But jeeze, Emmy still makes about 3 nasty blowouts a day and I have a hard enough time bagging those up and throwing them out in the garbage without throwing up. Heavenly Father knew I needed to be a mom in the days of disposable diapers ;)

You guys are seriously wonder moms!

Marissa and Blaine said...

I'm interested in the trial offer. I went to place my order and saw that it was nearly $12 for shipping. There's a "local pick up" option instead. Where do I pick them up, do you know?