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who else is excited for john mayer's new album?

because you should be.

ohhhh yes

Here is the first in a series...
The scope and quality of these videos will grow and get better as the album and the recording process does.

This experience is amazing; to take an idea from inception and watch it grow into a reality is beyond inspiring.

Hope you enjoy...


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Ella said...

I really should just see John Mayer as a musician, but I kind of lost respect for him after he was so public about all the women he dated and was kind of a jerk about it. I guess it's hard to take his music/romanticism seriously after that. :(

Courtney B said...

it is true. he is a putz in that sense... he has some issues. but, i will still always love his music. especially heavier things (even though dan thinks that continuum is way better, and it is... but heavier things has more meaning to me).

Andrea said...

My favorite JM album is, and I think always will be, Room for Squares. Great memories associated with that album-mostly of life in New Orleans. I have definitely slipped from the top of JM's biggest fan list, but he is undoubtedly an amazing musician and I'll always look forward to an earful of his voice and guitar. Thanks for letting me know a new album is coming out, Court.
P.S. How's my darling nephew (I mean great(!) nephew)?

Ella said...

you're right too. the guy might be a jerk about relationships, but his music is pretty rockin'. so I guess I'll never date him, but just keep buying his albums. ;)