growing up

i know all of you parent's know this, but it is miraculous how fast these little babies can grow.


sleep happens less and less. social interactions happen more and more, which is the cutest thing in the world.
Arlo is super vocal. he and i carry on conversations all day long. he even does it when i am not paying attention. (like right now, he is laying down, happy as a clam, talking away and smiling).



Rachel said...

He's already practicing his social skills eh? I love all his pictures, and your camera!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh he adorable! I can stare at his picture all day.

Ksenia said...

Aww... his little face is so adorable. How do we get 46 comments on our "cute baby" blog posts? :)

Andrea said...

He is so adorable! I can't wait to meet him--very soon!! He's losing the newborn look. I always feel like I want to freeze time right where it is with my babies, but then the next stage comes and I love it just as much or more. So fun for you, Court!

Marissa and Blaine said...

His face is seriously flawless! So handsome!

matriarch said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!!
Thanks for sharing.
Love you!!