last night, as we were driving "home" (i.e. the hotel) i was overcome by this homesick feeling... Dan and I started talking about how much the hotel feels "normal" and this feeling of us having a house is in the distance, other than the fact that we feel totally displaced. we feel so up in the air with everything all of the time. we feel unsettled. i want my bed. i want my space. i want things to be normal again. i don't want to seem all negative, but i am tired of the hotel and i get really annoyed with certain things about that lately. i am trying really hard to stay positive, i mean... we get brand new floors and walls... that's cool, right?

things i miss about home:

arlo's changing table... (my back is killing me)

my own washer and dryer

a full kitchen

my closet & dresser with all of my clothes and shoes
more space

being able to leave lucy home when i go places and not have to leave her in the car

things i don't mind about the hotel:

someone cleans for me & makes my bed everyday (although, i still clean after them...)

fitness room

and free food... even though it's not the best food.

{I would so rather be home}


Gemia said...

we would still love to have you guys over for dinner. But if it starts to snow again I think that means its not supposed to be =). Hang in there!

Marissa and Blaine said...

I'm sorry! That stinks! What a mess! Upgrades are always exciting though... It's like the one perk to having something bad happen to your house... But I'm sorry you have to go through all this and I hope you get to go home soon!

Heather Johnson said...

I think that if anyone would have asked me if I wanted to live in a hotel, I would have been quick to volunteer. But you remind me that it's probably a bit annoying. Thanks for that reality hit. :)