8 months


i am a little late in posting this, (sorry arl0). but since you were born on the 30th, you didn't really have an 8 month "birthday". however, you are 8 full months now.


you always want to be upright, and that doesn't just mean sitting... that means FULLY upright. you want to be standing, constantly. when i try and sit you down, you almost always stiffen up that little body of yours so you don't bend (and then i put you on your stomach). you can climb stairs, pull yourself up in your crib, on the sofa, up my leg, on chairs, etc. And you are pretty good at getting back down, that is, the rare times you want to.

you are my busy little bee. you are always moving. always. except when you sleep, which is your arch nemesis. you keep me moving! i don't know if it's that or the breast feeding that is keeping me skinny... but my pants are starting to fall off of me!


you are also pretty loud. not so much around other people, but when it's just us at home. it's constant babble, yelling, or screeching. your favorite thing to say (yell)... is "DAAA DAAA DAAA" really really loudly. you love the sound of your voice.


you love baths. especially when we take them with you.


your strong personality is shining through more and more. you are very opinionated and know what you want. and you are starting to really let us how mad you are when we don't let you have exactly what you want, when you want it.


we love everything about you, arlo. always.


that's what she said...

such a big handsome boy! yeah, i feel you on the loud thing. my ears are always ringing by the end of the day from all of bennett's screeching. OUCH! Definitely a downside to downstairs that echo!

I have to confess though I'm totally laughing. You are a brave woman to put up that one picture. lol.

matriarch said...

Adorable pictures. The last one is 'tragedy and comedy' for sure.
I have to drive out and see him one of these days soon.

Rob and Marseille said...

its funny how close in age our boys are, but how different they are...Michael is just now starting to lunge forward when sitting & not crawling at all.

Rachel said...

Such a cutie!

Awesome said...

Awww. What a sweet post. I love his facial expression in the one where he is holding the shampoo. I think he looks so much like you in that one.