one year came and went

words cannot describe the emotions that i felt as i sorted through photos and videos of arlo's first year. those days of newborn arlo seem so distant, yet so near. i remember how i felt, not only mentally and emotionally... but physically: the smells, the summer air (which has yet to come in the same way). this first year of being a mother was such a journey. full of frustration and exhausted, but full of enormous amounts of love, joy, and laughter. my baby is one. happy birthday, arlo!!!

please enjoy this video of arlo from birth until now.


Ksenia said...

Turned out great! Lucas and I both enjoyed it. Lucas kept saying "baby!"

that's what she said...

courtney, arlo is so lucky to have such cool parents. that was a beautiful video capturing your little man-thanks for sharing. it really does go by too fast! Happy first birthday to your sweet little man!

matriarch said...

Courtney ~ There aren't words to express how BEAUTIFUL this is!! I love the music you chose! I've watched it three times now and tears stream down my cheeks each time I watch it. Thanks so much for sharing the joy of Arlo's first year with us. You and Dan are such exemplary parents and are giving him the foundation he needs to be all he can be. I'm so proud of you both. This is truly something Arlo can treasure always.
Not to mention everyone else. He truly is a miracle and a beautiful, beautiful boy!!
Love you all more than words can say. My love, Grandma Sharon

Ashleigh said...

Oh my goodness. This is so sweet! It makes me feel like a slacker because I haven't put anything like that together for my girls. This is something that he will seriously treasure for a lifetime. Loved it!

Kimberly said...

It turned out great!! Holy smokes. I love it. I got all choked up watching it. It really is crazy how fast they grow. It seems that within 3 pictures he went from a newborn to the toddler he is now. Crazy!

And I agree...this makes me look like a slacker :)

The Barlows said...

Umm...That was beautiful!! I need to get my crap together so that I can to that for Anson! I hope he had a very happy Birthday! He is a handsome little man!