13 months!

at his "one year" (more like 12 months and 3 weeks) appointment stats:

height: 97.5%
head: 74%
weight: 49.2%

Arlo's personality is coming out more and more. He is such a playful, happy kid (but still, not what in comes to sleeping. today he napped a total of 15 minutes, the ENTIRE day). He absolutely loves that he can walk, it's the most amazing thing in his life. He is also becoming super affectionate and cuddly (in his own, Arlo sort of way). He loves to give kisses and snuggle in, but not for very long! He is too busy to be in one place for more than about... 2-10 seconds. He loves music and guitars (which he calls "gnngg, gnngg"), he also loves balls ("daa", but a different "da" than he uses for Dad.). He loves playing with Lucy ("sseeee") and being outside. His new thing is signing "please" whenever he wants anything, and it's the cutest thing, he doesn't just sign it... he gets these super cute, big, puppy dog eyes that look right at you and says "ouss, ouss", which is very similar to the sound he makes when he wants a kiss. He says "ouss!" and leans toward you with his mouth partially open and lips ever so slightly puckered. I can't believe how big he is getting!

(swinging with great grandpa at the Lavender farm)


Rachel said...

All I can say is he is such a beautiful boy and he is so loved!

Mandee said...

Seeing Arlo sign is one of the cutest things in the world. I'm going to have to borrow some of your signing time videos with this next baby.