mmmm.... cereal


arlo always insists on feeding himself now. even when it's not even his food to begin with. 
i love these boys. 


that's what she said...

haha....bennett just now started wanting the spoon for his food sometimes. it's a messy process but they learn quick. :)

Verenice said...

ahh...isn't this stage a little annoying? I have now given Elijah his own bowel of cereal with no milk. It seems to work, for now at least. I love how Dan if fighting him for the spoon.

Rob and Marseille said...

michael either wants his hands or he wants me to feed him. I am looking forward to a spoon. I put the minimum amt of milk for noncrunchiness on his cereal, but he usually dumps it if I dont' put more cereal in his bowl fast enough.