Nothing New in 2011

Since we decided to take on the Nothing New Challenge this year, I have been thinking of what will be a "problem", or rather... things that will require a little more creativity than just running to the store and spending loads of money. I think that craigslist and thrift stores will be my new favorite places to shop.

things we "need":

  • a printer. we don't have one and it's super frustrating a lot of the time. i know there are many that are sold or given away on craigslist. however, i need a particular printer. i need to be able to print on CDs for my photography business. however, on the list of exceptions, they did say business expenses were on there. so, i might be able to get a new one. 
  • i have no snow gear and we are planning on spending more time in the snow this year than just if there happens to be a "storm" here. i have been searching craigslist with no luck so far. i will keep looking daily :) 
  • i am making file folder activities for arlo for church. i think i will be able to come up with most of the supplies from things that i have on hand. except for either magnets or velcro... hmmmm. 
I am sure more things will pop up! It is only the 5th of the month :) 

However, I am really excited for this challenge! I know that I will learn and grow a lot. I feel like so many people, especially younger than me, have lost their ingenuity. We fill our life with clutter and gadgets that we don't really need. We might think that we need them, but we can get by with out them. And what does that mean for us if we learn to live without the junk? Less clutter, more money, better for the environment, and a little more creativity. 

Another thing I am planning on doing in the next few weeks, is this:

This will help get rid of any unnecessary junk around my house and help me have a place for everything... and everything in it's place. Our house is a small one, with little storage space. Sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out where to put everything... but I have come to realize that we can do it and we don't need that much stuff. I know that I never want to live in a really big house, or even a big house... because I don't want all that space to fill with things that I don't really need. 

I hope to document progress as I get my house to where I want it to be, and that I will be patient with myself as I learn. Any tips are encouraged :) 


Christy Wheeler said...

I mentioned this to my husband and we were wondering what the guidelines were. Obviously food is excluded, but what else is? What if you need batteries? Or undies. There are some things that you would want to buy new, but most things I can see trying to find used. Anyway I wish you luck with this, I definitely don't think I could so it.

The Thornocks said...

You're awesome! I told Chad about this and we'd like to try it too...although we've got a lot of remodeling projects to get done this year as well as another car to buy once his parent's get back from their mission and take back their truck. So, we might have to make a few big exceptions, but the idea is definitely a good one.

The Barlows said...

You are INSPIRING!!!! I think this is something that I will consider for next year!!

Heather said...

This is a great challenge and one I'm thinking I'm going to try! The past few months I've been trying to pare down what I have because having to find places to store everything was becoming too overwhelming. Thanks for sharing and keep us updated on how it's going!