bye, bye!

we got a new printer (mostly for my photography business, therefore it does not count towards our nothing new goal) and it came with a special toy for arlo to play with.

we would put him in and close the top and say "bye bye"
when dan and i were done playing, but arlo still wanted to play, he would get in the box and cry saying "bye bye! a bye bye!"
cutest sad thing ever. 


The Barlows said...

completely adorable!!!

matriarch said...

What a precious child!! You're so blessed and so is he!
Grandma Sharon

Claire said...

So cute!! How do you like your printer? I have the Espon Artisan 800 and I LOVE it. Being able to print right on discs is amazing. And I have seriously (knock on wood!) never had the problems that I had with every other printer I have owned.

Ksenia said...

Kids are so fun! Arlo is adorable. It'll be so sweet to look at these in 20 years!