zero waste home

first of all, i have to give all the credit of this post to ksenia, because she posted about this earlier today, but i figured that while we have many similar readers, we also have many unique readers. in the past i have posted about becoming more "green". and i still have that goal. however, i have become distracted by other things and have not accomplished as many of my goals as i would have hoped, but by the end of the year, i hope to have met more of my goals.

this video is amazing and i hope that some day in the somewhat near future, i can be more like this inspiring family:

we still have a long way to go. right now, each week we usually produce about 1 large trash bag full of garbage. and every 2 weeks our recycling bin is about 1/2 way full. that is a lot (in my eyes). when we were in california, we stayed with a family who didn't have a trash can. they kept a very small bag to put their trash in (like a target plastic bag) that seemed to last awhile. in the two days we were there, the small trash bag didn't have much in it. the rest was either composted or recycled. i thought this was a great idea and hope to implement something similar. 

do you have any creative ideas to reduce waste? 


Ksenia said...

Thanks for spreading the word! I think when having a baby using cloth diapers and/or wipes really helps to keep waste under control! We also don't use paper napkins or paper towels -- also because I'm cheap :)

Christy Wheeler said...

I liked this. I honestly am not too big on this type of thing, I use reusable bags but that is probably the extent that I go to. However I think I will try some new things. I might try to see how I can cut back on trash. My first attempt is making my own soap. Then maybe the mesh bags for veggies, I hate all those plastic bags. What do you do for your veggies when you buy them at the store?

Courtney B said...

thanks for the comment Christy. for produce, i either don't use a bag at all (if I am getting like one or two peppers or an onion or a cucumber) why can't our veggies touch each other? we wash them before we eat them anyway. and at new seasons, they have paper bags for apples and such. the only thing i use plastic bags for in produce is for bulk spinach, but I would like to get some sort of bag for that.

Ashleigh said...

This was so interesting to watch. I told Chad about it and we want to try and incorporate some of the "no waste" ideas into our life. I don't think we will go extreme, but we will start out small and then see where we go from there.

I commented on Ksenia's blog about how much I love you girls and all of your ideas about healthier, cleaner living. It's so refreshing and you both have ideas that I would have never thought to look into before. Thanks for helping me be better!

Rob and Marseille said...

that is such an interesting idea. thank you for posting this. it's gotten me thinking.