the great outdoors

last weekend our friends, the evertons, invited us to join them on an outdoor excursion. 
it was going to be a beautiful day and we were excited.
we walked from our house to the MAX and rode it to Washington Park
we really wanted to bring lucy, and you are only supposed to bring dogs in carriers, so we wrapped her in a blanket and held her on our laps. we were going to put her in the ergo (hahahaha, it did work! i can only imagine the looks i would have gotten), but arlo was not having it, HE wanted to go in it, even though he hadn't been in it for a LONG time
Arlo & Lucas having a blast riding the train. They are so cute together... even if they do fight over toys constantly :)
and this girl is just always adorable. look at her! SO CUTE!
Super mom, Ksenia. Arlo will never hold my hand, but he held hers for quite awhile! 

hydrating. and advertising for klean kanteen. i think between our two families we had 4 klean kanteen water bottles with us.

yep, arlo in the ergo. i thought he was done with this and would not use it anymore.
he was tired though, and it was nap time, so he went in. so cute!
he does still have at least 10 pounds until he is "too big", even though the ergo is tested up to 90 lbs ;) 

Anya and Arlo about to drift off to sleep... soooo tired.
it was a beautiful hike!

Arlo finally crashed. That hood really didn't fit over his head, as you can see... but, it kept it from bobbing everywhere.

crazy awesome tree roots.

Lucas was loving being able to walk Lucy. He did a good job too! Zach, Ksenia... I think you need a dog ;)

happy hikers

uhh.... so how do we get back???
we had so much fun just talking and walking, we realized we didn't know how to get back... 

YES! ALL DESTINATIONS were this way.

tired kids, ready to head home. 

lucas & mom on the way home

everton family photo. hahaha, lucas' face! everyone else is smiling though :) 
We really enjoyed the walk/hike. We definitely didn't get to enough of this during the summer because it was so busy! Hopefully we have some more sunny weekends before all of the rain and cold comes!


Darcy Taylor said...

Hot mamas!!! (And dads, but that isn't quite as appropriate for me to say :) It is also quite the perk to have TWO great photographers on an outing!

Verenice and Matthew said...

Great pics! I have to tell you that this past trip in the airport, I had Eli in an umbrella stroller and Eva, my five year old, in the ergo. That thing is the BEST. And while I love those water bottles, have you checked out thermos brand. They are awesome. Some of them keep your drink cold for 12 hours. Here in Mexico, where you need to have your own bottled water at all times, those bottles are the best. They even keep the ice cubes frozen for at least 6 of the hours. Check them out.

Ksenia said...

Love this! I laughed at the "all destinations this way" photo. It's also funny how huge Arlo looks in the ergo and how the hood is waaay too small. I'm still laughing! :) Good times.... I love the photos, can I please please have these?

Verenice: Good to know about the thermos brand, I'll definitely check them out.
Darcy: You crack me up!