so, i was bad at taking pictures while we were out on the coast for thanksgiving weekend. i got no photos of the food prep or our delicious feast. but, i will have to forgive myself because i was pretty nauseous. however, we had a really, really great time! usually, we rush around to 2-3 places on thanksgiving because we have so much family in town. it can get sort of hectic and feel like you don't really get awesome quality time with everyone. this year, we did something different and i just loved it. my mom's side of the family rented a nice big beach house to have thanksgiving in. we stayed for 3 nights and got to have a nice, relaxing time at the coast. the weather was pretty horrible on thanksgiving (which was fine since we were inside cooking and eating all day anyway). however, the following two day brought great weather. it was gorgeous.

friday we ventured out with justin & karin to do some engagement photos. i also snapped some of dan, arlo, & lucy, who decided to tag along.

this one is blurry, but i just love it anyway.

a quick (and blurry) group shot. i set up my camera with a timer & set it on a chair, on a bowl... it wasn't ideal and I am pretty sure i bumped the camera, which is why it is all blurry. oh well. here is the thanksgiving crew!

saturday, we had to check out at 11am. once we left, we headed to devil's punchbowl to check out the sites, after that we drove to newport to have lunch at the original mo's and check out the sea lions. 

i think this going to the coast for the holidays should be a tradition or something, at least every few years. it was so nice to spend time with family and relax for those few days. maybe some christmas we will have to do this. i would really love it!


The Barlows said...

Sounds like you had so much fun! Sorry that you were nauseous though, that's the worst! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!