Christmas Eve

We decided to open our family presents on Christmas Eve because Christmas was going to be super full of fun things with family that arlo wouldn't be able to play with his new presents (Thanks for the idea, Michelle!). We had a really nice day. After Arlo's nap we went caroling with Dan's family and watched The Help (my 3rd time seeing it, it was just as good). I made a little video of Christmas Eve morning, it might be a little boring for some, but it is a good memory for our family. Enjoy if you so choose!


Rob and Marseille said...

cute! i like how he's drinking oj out of a mason jar haha. my boys loved the train table & i guessed underwear. too funny.

that's what she said...

yeah, my boys fought over who got to sit on my lap to watch this....and it wasn't just once that it got watched. :)