our baby is probably a...


However, we are not totally certain. But, it is more than likely a boy. Here is our story:

Dan accompanied me to the ultrasound appointment. We sat there watching the screen as the technician did all of the different measurements of the various body parts. Finally, the technician asked if we wanted to know the sex and we said yes, of course. She looked and she told told us she thought it was a girl. I asked her about how sure she was and she said that she was about 90% sure. She had some more measurements to get, the baby is really low and in a weird position and it was hard for her to get some of the measurements and so it took a little while. Then she had to do the oh-so-fun pelvic ultrasound to look closer at my placenta & cervix and the doctor came in to check things out. Turns out that I have partial placenta previa (where the placenta partially covers the top of the cervix), but it is no big deal and will probably resolve itself. 

When the doctor came in, she asked us if we found out the gender and we told her about the 90% girl thing. Then she said "well, we will try and make you even more sure". Even though the technician had sounded fairly certain about her girl answer, I never really felt like she was, but she wasn't that personable. They did some more measurements and then they tried to double check the kid's genitals. Well, this little one was not wanting to cooperate. The legs were pretty close together. They tried bouncing the baby around and everything, but there was no budging. After looking at a few different angles, they were pretty sure that they were seeing a penis & scrotum. They said things like:
"yeah, that is looking pretty dude-ish"
"it would be weird if this was a girl"

"i would say we are 90% sure it is a boy"

So, we are going with the boy verdict & are sooooo excited about it (of course I would be excited either way)! Here is the best photo we got of the junk:

I have a follow up appointment about my placenta's situation at 29 weeks (mid april) and they said they should be able to confirm the sex then, that the baby will not be too big at that point to tell. So, in about 10.5 weeks we will hopefully know for certain! I met with my midiwife after the ultrasound and she was like "yeah, they can usually say they are 99% sure, I wouldn't buy any clothes or anything!" But, I am fine with that. Plan on boy (i.e. don't buy anything) and if for some completely odd reason the baby does turn out to be a girl (which, I highly doubt) we will just have to put the baby in some semi boy-ish clothes for a few weeks :) 

I just have to say how much I cannot wait to meet the little guy, I cannot even tell you with words how excited I am. I am insanely baby hungry, June cannot come soon enough! It is inane how much I can feel him move around already. When I was pregnant with Arlo, I could not feel him at all at this point and I feel this guy pretty much constantly already. During the ultrasound, they were having a hard time getting measurements because he was so squirmy. And let me just tell you that these ultrasound photos do not do any justice at how completely adorable he is. So perfect and gorgeous. Like I said, can't wait to meet him! 


The Barlows said...

Congratulations Court!! Midwwife eh? Are you doing a home birth or just having a mid-wife present at the hospital? Either way, that is so awesome! Home births are incredible. I'm sure he or she is going to be just as gorgeous as Arlo! So happy for you and your family and quite frankly, a little jealous, because I'm way baby hungry!

Courtney B said...

It is a midwife at the Center for Women's Health at OHSU. I had ended up with a midwife for Arlo's birth too in a hospital. I love this midwife group though, they have already been great to work with so far!

Darcy Taylor said...

Oh my gosh, seeing a picture of your tiny, yet-to-be-born son is so fun! Honestly, I feel baby hungry for you looking at the little guy :)

Rob and Marseille said...

i had the same placenta thing w/michael, and the later ultrasound showed that it resolved itself (which it normally does). This does make me a little nervous...is mine actually a girl?