pregnancy #2

1 day shy of 21 weeks
I have yet to post about this pregnancy, at least other than the gender ultrasound. All in all I have been not so great at documenting this entire pregnancy. In my mind I had all of these great ideas of ways I could document this pregnancy better than the last. However, that obviously did not happen. I am not going to beat myself up about it though, I cannot change the past.

This pregnancy has been tremendously more difficult than the first. I was pretty sick until I hit about 19 weeks or so. I couldn't cook (or even open the fridge), eat much that was healthy, or get much done around the house... and Arlo watched way too much TV and has become an addict. With Arlo I threw up maybe twice. This time I lost track of how much I threw up. With Arlo I was better a week or so before I hit my 2nd trimester. This time I was obviously sick several weeks past hitting my 2nd trimester.

This time I feel more huge even though I am really not that big, my body just feels it more. This time I felt the baby move much sooner than I did with Arlo (whose placenta was anterior). I felt the baby move at around 15.5 weeks along and Dan felt him move at around 17 weeks this time. This time I am craving more sweets. I can usually control myself around sweets and don't make them that much... this time I am eating way too many of them and I fear the consequences of that. Although, I have been making a point of at least going on a power walk each morning (just starting that this past week) even though I skipped this morning due to having army drill last night forcing me to get much less sleep than my body needs.

I was really excited when we were pregnant with Arlo, but this time I am even more excited. I was very, very ready to add another member to our family, more ready than I was when we got pregnant with Arlo. I am much more baby hungry and I dream and highly anticipate the day when I get to hold our little one. Of course I did with Arlo, of course I did. This time is just different. I think it has helped me cope with the discomforts I have had... knowing how worth it that it would be. Not to say that the surprise of how sick I had become was not hard on me, it was very hard on me, and I probably complained way too much. However, deep down I knew that I wanted it. Arlo will be an amazing big brother and I am so excited for him to have a sibling to share his life with. To play with, to teach, to learn with & from, to fight with (yes, I did say that), and to grow close to.

Can't wait to meet you, little Blaisdell boy #2!


The Barlows said...

You look so adorable! I am sorry that you've been feeling so crummy, but don't get too down on on yourself for the things you are or aren't doing!

Harris Family said...

That is so exciting! I am sorry you are sick, that is no fun. Maybe you are having a girl because it is so different :)