i have been a bad blogger. and a bad photo taker. i know, i know... i was doing the photo a day challenge. and you know what? FAIL. i really am not so good at it, although i would still like to be. i have even been bad about taking photos with my phone even. i hope to somehow change this. any motivators??? someone, please help!
anyway, i do want to share what we have been up to lately. first and foremost, being SICK, SICK, SICK for about 2 straight weeks:

arlo & myself sleeping one weekend afternoon. arlo had just "woken" up from his nap and had to go potty. but, i could tell he was still tired. so i brought him back in my room, and he totally fell back asleep on me. poor kid must not have felt well, that is VERY unlike him. 

i am still pregnant. will hit 26 weeks tomorrow. this photo was taken exactly one week ago today (one day shy of 25 weeks). Baby is growing quickly & sitting very low. I am very excited for him to be born. I honestly think I am more excited than when I was pregnant with Arlo. Although, I am slightly nervous about having two kids instead of just one :)

We got an OMSI membership with the rest of the world when they had the living social deal. Such a sweet price! We split our membership with the Everton's making it an even sweeter deal. We can both take our whole families at the same time if we wanted to and can also take lots of friends!

Dan was up in Canada this last week, so Arlo & I were flying solo. He returned late Friday night (like 1am) and then I left the house at 7am the next morning for army drill the entire Saturday. I got home around 5:30 and after not all being together for almost a week we decided to do a fun family night out! We decided to take Arlo to see The Lorax. We (especially me) love Dr. Seuss and this book. So, even though last time we took Arlo to the movies, he didn't make it through. However, this time he did soooo well. He loved it & was so cute about it. We kept having to remind him to whisper or not talk in the movie. He would narrate or say things like "Where's the Lorax going" pretty loudly. It was almost as fun to watch him watch the movie as it was watching the movie ourselves.


Rachel said...

ok, how do you split a membership? We had one for 7 years and now it's expired. Normally, I would have renewed by now, but I think I'm mad I didn't get it on the living social deal. People say its far, but if you go at the right times 9:30 am and get there when they open at 10, it's just perfect.