a newly painted room and a day at the doctors office

First of all, I have this awesome friend & neighbor who helped me out big time. I have been wanting to paint our room since we moved into this house over 4 years ago. I finally picked a color, but I am pregnant & hate painting. I really do. So, this awesome friend said that if I watched her kids, she would paint for me. And she did it on Saturday... and it was awesome. Dan & I took her two girls and Arlo to the zoo for Packy's 50th Birthday along with our friends Melissa & Kyle. It was pretty fun, but also pretty crowded. And EVERY animal that we went to go see what out and active, it was really neat. 

Then Monday rolled around. I had grand plans to get my newly painted room back together (it is still insanely torn apart), but life got in the way. Let's rewind to Friday, the day after I found out that my placenta was happy and out of the way. I get a call from my midwife telling me that I did not pass my glucose test, in fact I was over 200, so I didn't even need to take the 3 hour test. It was not a fun weekend and I was having a really, really hard time coping with the news. Anyway, Monday morning I got a call from my dietitian seeing if I could come in for an appointment at noon (I hadn't gone in yet, just got the call from the midwife) and she also told me that my insurance would not cover my meetings with her. So, I spent the entire morning on the phone with the insurance company until I finally had to leave to head to my appointment, which went very well. She said about 3 times during the appointment how interesting it would be to see how my numbers would look over the rest of my pregnancy since I seemed to be an "atypical" case (I have no real risk factors other than the fact that Arlo was over 9 pounds and I have not gained an abnormal amount of weight this pregnancy, etc). So, it is pretty mysterious, but my sugar levels have been GREAT since I started testing them Monday afternoon... they are actually almost low. Dan has been joking that they mixed up someone's test results with mine. Who knows, but we will see what happens over the next few weeks. After I met with the dietitian, I felt MUCH better about the diet and could eat a lot more carbs than I thought I was going to be able to, so far it has not been that big of a challenge to follow the diet... except when I go to the grocery store and see some sweets... I will miss having an occasional cookie/slice of cake/bowl of ice cream... but, it will just be better for me not to. And maybe once and for all I can give up sugar all of the time, as I have been thinking of doing for some time, but never stuck with it. 

As soon as I got home from that appointment, I went to pick Arlo up and noticed his infected finger was WAY worse than it was the last time I looked at it the night before. It was pretty bad... so I called his doctor and then they had me bring him in to have it checked out. It was very swollen, almost twice it's normal size, very red and a little black/green where the skin met the nail. 
It involved enough of his finger that the doctor put him on oral antibiotics. She also poked his finger and drained a little puss out and took a culture of it. It was the hardest thing to hold Arlo down when she massaged his finger... it had to have been so painful. The worst part is, he has to soak in 3x a day for 15 minutes... which he does really well at, but then I also have to try and get more puss out after he soaks it, and it is just as hard if not worse each time because he knows how much it hurts and fights it. Hopefully it will heal soon because I do not enjoy doing it. Oh, and it got infected because Arlo obsessively picks at his nails/hang nails... which I do not encourage. By the time we finished at the doctor and went to Target to get his prescription filled, we were not home until 5:30pm and I was starving and tired... it was a long, long day. And I am still playing catch up with other house work and my room sits a torn up mess as I write this. But, it is the first thing I will do once I am done with this blog post :) 

And I am not going to proof read it, so enjoy any typos and/or grammar errors. 


that's what she said...

Okay, your neighbor is seriously awesome. I can think of a few things around my house (including painting which I also hate) that I'd totally watch her kids all day for, lol.

And you failing the glucose test? Maybe they mixed it up with mine-still amazed that I passed that one, lol. But like you said, maybe it'll help you switch over to some healthier habits you've been wanting to do anyway. Good luck!

And the finger, yuck. Poor guy. And poor you!

Latoya Quinn said...

Pregnant and hates painting – lucky for you to have an awesome neighbor to help you out. And how did the paint job turn out? Did you take a photo of the then newly painted-bedroom? I hope you are more than satisfied with the result. – Latoya, Texture Coating Specialists