knockin em down, one by one.

I have felt so busy lately and like I've had so much to do. Last night and today Dan and I got a lot of stuff done, so I feel a little better.

1. After a little scare of thinking my order was lost, I got almost all the rest of the paper for the invitations, just waiting on some more envelopes that I'll hopefully get in the next week or so. Then I need to have a huge party of people to help make them with me!

2. Dan and I put an offer on a house and received a counter offer that we accepted and signed on. So, if things keep going as smooth as they are now... we will close on November 29th! It is the townhouse in the post below.

3. We picked out our wedding bands! Both beautiful white gold and they actually had Dan's size... which is almost a miracle. So we won't have to order it and wait 8 weeks, which we don't have.

So, I am feeling better and the only thing I am really worried about now is what I should be for halloween.


mommytrack said...

Such exciting news!! We're so happy for you. You're a GREAT COUPLE and the future is bright for you.
Looks like you found a very livable townhouse. Can't wait to see it inside.
I'm so glad you're feeling some relief from all the stresses of wedding plans, etc.
Love you both so much.
Grandma Sharon

Kimberly said...

Yay! That is so exciting! I saw your pictures on Ksenia's blog. I'm in love with them! You guys are so gorgeous.

Ksenia said...

People love coming to those "make the invitation parties" if you provide food :)