So I thought I'd try out this blog site. I figured it was another good way to keep others updated on wedding plans and life and what not! So the date is set: December 15th. We are getting sealed in the "morning" (10am) and the reception for all to attend starts at 2pm at the Marriot on Broadway, downtown. More detailed information to come.

I really, honestly... cannot wait to be married. Married life will be so much nicer than driving home late at night after spending a wonderful evening together and not wanting to leave... and better than going home after work to our separate places of residence... soon we can come home to each other. I am utterly in love and the slightly less than two months is still just too long.


Mandee&Greg said...

Ksenia's is the reason I have blogspot too. She is such a great missionary!

That picture of you with Dan sleeping in your arms, is the sweetest couple picture I have yet to see. It's almost as sweet as when Jim kissed Pam on the office last night.