we own our condo!

Tuesday night around 7pm Dan & I received the keys to our condo! finally!
Right now we're just painting... well, Lisa is painting... and moving things in slowly. Today we're getting Internet. Last night we had the locksmith come to re-key it. He is coming back today because he lost a part to one of the locks and couldn't finish it. We moved our couches in and maybe will get the TV and computer in today... and then Saturday get the rest of it. The kitchen is pretty much all done being painted, and let me tell you... it looks WAY better than the yellow. Lisa & my dad got us some fun things at home goods last night. REALLY cute red porcelain bowls, red pans, red knives, a red whisk and spatula... and some white and red hand towels. I am excited! We also got a pot and pan set in the mail from our registry. I am excited to put some of this stuff together! Soon we'll be living there!!!

P.S. I am so glad it's Thursday! Work was crazy today... the kids were off the wall. Just one parent conference today @ 1 and then I am outta here!!!


Just Mary said...

i absolutely love home goods! hands down my new favorite store - i got my christmas wreath there and it makes my heart happy. most definitely the nicest wreath on any door at my apartment complex, i'm sure. :)

Zach said...
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Zach said...

I'm pretty sure the bank still owns your condo.... but, at least they're letting you sleep there :)