it's mandee's fault.

i think it's like 6 uncommonly known facts about me. this is really hard because i love all the weird things about myself and proudly tell everyone. like my obsession with peas (they are delicious) and my fetish with the x-files, and the fact the A Little Princess is my all time favorite movie. But, I will try.

1. i guess this isn't TOO unknown. my family, janina, and dan know this. but i love black licorice. i think that it is wonderful. dan hates it and won't kiss me when i eat it. maybe he really would, but he doesn't like the smell at all.

2. I am seriously afraid of the dark and being home alone at night. I guess a lot of people are, but I will not sleep if I am at home alone. Here is the unknown part: when I was in high school, maybe even my freshman year of college actually, I was staying at my dad's house which at the time was MASSIVE and I had the entire downstairs to myself and I was home alone with two other floors on top of me and a huge unfenced back yard. Anyways, long story... but I got REALLY freaked out and heard some definite noises and called the police and had them come check out the yard and entire house. They didn't find anything and I was really embarrassed. I will get so scared sometimes that I devise serious and detailed plans of what would happen in various attack situations and even practiced. Other times I have locked myself in my room and hid in the closet or under the bed. I am ridiculous.

3. I love sleeping outside. When I was younger, in the summer I would sleep outside almost every night on the trampoline or on the hammock.

4. I secretly like Laguna Beach, The Hills., and The Simple Life.. I am embarrassed to admit this. I think only Dan knows that I watch it sometimes. Even I, myself, have no idea why I watch it. I sit there and think to myself how stupid it is... but I watch it anyway. I have no idea what my issue is. Well, The Simple Life is actually funny.

5. I hate bacon. Again, some people know this... but I think it is so incredibly disgusting. It is covered in fat and is just... not good tasting. Bacon bits on salad are horrid. And I am completely appalled with the fact that Wendy's has that "Baconator" burger.... ewww.

6. I don't like wearing shoes and socks. Unlike the majority of girls, I could care less about shoes. In fact, I don't really like how many shoes look... most are ugly and I hate shoe shopping. I would go barefoot all the time if I could. Also, on the same topic... I have only worn any sort of high heel.... or any heel at all... twice in my entire life and I definitely cannot walk in heels to save my life.

That probably was not very exciting... but... oh well!
I tag... Mary, Danielle, my mom, and DAN!


Ashleigh said...

courtney, you are hilarious. Your comment about being scared of the dark and sleeping alone sound EXACTLY like me. We used to live in this really old duplex where I would literally wake up every night and sit and listen to all the creepy noises and panic so much that I would start crying and wake Chad up and make him search the ENTIRE house (closets, basement, under beds, behind furniture). Literally EVERY night. I can't sleep unless Chad is there because I too have planned out in my head excatly how it would all go down and although I have practiced how I would take the intruder out (I have a small axe and a hammer under my bedside table...creepy, I know, but I found them one scary night and they've stayed there ever since) I still can't sleep. Chad left me for a whole week once and I was up all night every night with all the lights on and I had my sister on the phone talking to me to try and get me to sleep. We need help. P.S. It only gets worse after you have kids, because then you are terrified for their lives, even more so than your own. Just thought I would warn you.

Ashleigh said...

P.P.S I love those shows, too, and I'm embarrassed to admit it. Chad says they are trashy, but I'm addicted.

Just Mary said...

i feel like maybe you are tagging me because i, in fact, love bacon. i dream of bacon. i live for things like bacon. and while i haven't had the baconator burger (because i'm not really a fan of piling meat and cheese on meat and cheese) i would probably eat a burger with six strips of bacon on it. and some bacon on the side.

M-GEMBlaisdell said...

Haha, you don't know how happy I am to see that I'm not the only one who's afraid of the dark (I still use a night light). We have so much in common, Courtney. I LOVE black licorice too. One year I got Black Jack gum for Christmas, and Greg wouldn't even come near me if I was chewing it... I use to sleep on my trampoline a lot and I feel the same way you do about shoes (I like to feel tall on Sundays though). I still wear Abby's hand me down sandals every day, even though it's freezing and they are falling apart... wow, that's 4 out of 6! I'm so excited for you to be my new sister :)

Just Mary said...

so after reading ksenia's blog i just realized you tagged me to actually do this whole "six things you don't know about me" thing. i'm a dork.

Zach said...

you girls are bunches of wusses. Dark is just like light, only darker. Psh.

Zach said...

FYI... there will be no Cotton Eye Joe at your wedding. I have to exercise a veto somewhere. You can have ice ice baby, but there will be no back country-hick techno on my watch ever again.