my wonderous daniel

He makes me heart shaped banana pancakes in the morning.
Seriously... I am so blessed and so lucky. We rock.

Thank you, my love.

P.S. WE ARE GETTING OUR PUPPY AT 3:30 TODAY! Just 90 minutes away :)
I am so giddy and excited, I can't control myself. Photos coming soon!!!


Kimberly said...

Our husbands should hang out so that Dan rubs off on Sean :) Those look so yummy!

Zach said...

that pancake looks more like a lung than a heart....

how sweet.

Courtney Lou said...

it's the thought that counts. LOL.

don't make fun of my husband's culinary skills.

munga said...

How exciting that you're getting your puppy today!! I'm anxious to see her but Grandpa and I are leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas.
Hope you get some sleep tonight. Are you going to train her to sleep in her kennel?

Matt and Danielle Young said...

how romantical... :)