.city (un)love.

are you kidding me right now?
and why is he playing at a ton of amphitheaters? those are not so hot.
road trip to Salt Lake or Cali anyone?


Valerie said...

Can you believe he isn't coming to the NW? I'd think about it, except the SLC and California dates would most likely require me taking time off work......not in the cards this summer ;(.

Maybe something will show up anyway...what a night, huh? He and Colby on the same stage! Pretty awesome! Mom

Ashleigh said...

ARG!!!! I wish he was touring somewhere a bit closer. I would actually consider doing the SLC one, but I am going there like a month after that, and we don't have the money to do it twice in such a short period of time. As soon as he's close, though, I'm in! Oh, and tell Dan to let you have a nice digital SLR camera! I told Chad that it was too much and that it might not be worth it, but he knew how much I loved photography and got it for me anyway. I'm SO glad he did. It makes a world of a difference. Tell Dan that if he can go buy a nice new computer, you can go buy a nice new camera ;-) They are expensive, though, so I can understand that.