sunny saturday

This Saturday wasn't something to waste. In the morning, I had two Army ceremonies to play in (ANZAC Day/Hall of Honors)... and of course, that got done later than it was supposed to. I got home around 2pm. Dan had been working on websites all day (and teaching Lucy to roll over, which she can successfully do). We decided to hit the beach. I QUICKLY got ready... but of course, random things made it take longer than anticipated! But, we eventually hit the road and we were off, with Lucy of course!

Driving with the top down it the best. You don't feel enclosed from the outside, you are still in it and going where you want. I love it... especially on beautiful drives (i.e. the beach and driving to Bend). We were soon at the beach (after ironically bumping into Zach and Ksenia!!!)

It was so sunny (yet still incredibly windy).... blowing the strap to my camera in the photo... man, I rock.

Lucy was in heaven. She wanted to run and run and run! So we took turns sprinting down the beach with her. We were both at full speed and she was STILL pulling on the leash. Which is why we didn't let her off of it. Cairn terriers are known for running away. (and Dan is mid-bound in the picture)

Lucy and her reflection in the wet sand and mighty winds.

Dan likes this picture. Lucy met lots of doggy friends to play with, this is one of them.

We had a great day at the beach. I am so glad we got to go, at least for a little while. I love being with our little family. Dan and Lucy are so amazing... especially Dan, we have such an amazing time together. Maybe some Saturday I won't have some type of ceremony or military ball to play at... or drill to go to.
Next time it stops raining again... we'll be going!


Heather said...

Looks like it was a ton of fun! Brian and I want to have a barbeque next time it is super nice out, and we hope you guys can make it!

Kimberly said...

Oh gosh, looks so nice! I bet you guys had a blast. I'm glad that you were able to make good use of the awesome day!!

Zach said...

yes, a fun day at the beach indeed. Sorry we crashed your party :) At least Dan can finally say he has eaten at Mo's (don't tell the manns, but i like it better than camp 18)

Ashleigh said...

Awe!!! I wish we lived closer to the beach. We did get to go out and play, though. I have MISSED THE SUN!!! I've also decided we need a dog. I don't care what Chad says, I need one ;-) Oh, and that first picture of Dan and Lucy in the car is really good. I love it. Especially since you were most likely DRIVING while taking it. Amazing! Glad you guys had fun.

Christy Herbert said...

Your blog is the cutest one I have ever seen! I love the design! Good pictures too!

The New Adventures of Old Mary said...

you're getting to be an amazing photographer, btw. i love the one of lucy and her cute little shadow. and i am torn by what zach said...i love mo's but shoot i love camp 18 too. i mean, i order the same thing at mo's every time i go whereas i feel i could order anything at all at camp 18 and love it. that's all.