Poor little monkey. Lucy "loves" you too much. I know you were her fun toy that she cherished by chasing, shaking, and chewing. Apparently you couldn't take all of the Lucy love. It is very unfortunate. We will miss you, monkey. This calls for a 2nd trip to Petco for a new toy. The first trip Dan took was quite a let down.

We were going to get Lucy trimmed up because we had a coupon. I called and made an appointment for Lucy to get prettied up. Dan took her in because I still hadn't returned from Salem setting up for the military ball and playing for the officer's conference where I got to hear Ron Wyden speak, he had a nice blue sweater vest on underneath his jacket coat. Apparently, the groomer on the job cannot read. She informed Dan that Lucy's rabies vaccination was expired (good golly that is weird, seeing as she only had it when we adopted her on March 11th). He returned home, rejected by incompetent Petco groomers. I took a look at her rabies certificate and lo and behold... it does expire on March 11th... of 2009.

Really? I mean, really?


Anonymous said...

i appreciate the incompetence of people because it reminds me how smart i can be.

that makes me terrible, doesn't it?