this took an absurd amount of time...

5 images (not photos from family albums) I love and why:

I wish that I could get this image larger... but I can't. I am probably committing a criminal act by having it up here. This is a picture from probably my all time favorite movie. This movie makes me cry no matter what. I have issues... and Dan likes to make fun of me, especially for one night in particular. It was pretty soon after I had returned from BCT and AIT and I wanted to watch this AMAZING movie. So Dan and I put it on... however, I was asleep within the first 20 minutes, only to wake up right before the dramatic, sad ending that brings me to tears. So I wake up and start crying. Dan things this is ridiculous, as I had not watched hardly any of the movie. I beg to differ... it is not ridiculous. I have seen this movie countless times and I know how the story goes. How can I not cry when little Sarah is calling out to her dad, begging him to remember her?

I also LOVE this shot of John Mayer. Now I know what you must be thinking... that I am just in love with John Mayer, but this is not the completely the case. I do love his music and think that he is an excellent song writer and has great lyrics and speak very highly of him. But, look at this picture, it is just good, right?

This is also from one of my favorite movies. I love Audrey. It was hard to choose which movie to steal a picture from, but this one is just classic. I originally tried to find a picture from this movie of her in the wedding dress, I was THIS close to having my wedding dress made just like it... but decided against it... since it was a winter wedding, that dress is a summer wedding dress (if you know what I am talking about).

This is not the picture I wanted. But, it's "close". Dan and I purchased an incredible photograph while in Victoria, BC on our honeymoon. It is just amazing, when we saw it, I could not stop staring. Unfortunately, they did not have the size we wanted in stock and we had to order it, so we ordered the print of it, not the one mounted on canvas. We have yet to get it framed yet and I am dying to because it is the most spectacular picture. So much so that when I described it to my step mom, she knew exactly the photo I was talking about because she also had seen it while in Victoria at the same place and she was completely jealous that we bought it. At least someday she can admire it when she comes over.

Lastly, this is just a random portland shot that I found. It somewhat reminds me of one of our wedding pictures that the very talented Ksenia took. This is just so great and I love Portland. It is such an amazing city. I don't go downtown nearly enough.

5 years ago I was ...
Just about to graduate from high school. Anxiously awaiting, yet also nervous to start my new life at Pacific University (if you click on the link, I am in that picture with one of my awesome anatomy professors!).

5 months ago I was ...
2 months back from Army Basic Training and Advanced Training and one month away from getting married. Completely busy planning a wedding and buying a house. That was a crazy time... but it was so amazing all at once. It seems like much longer than 5 months ago. That is crazy!

5 hours ago I was ...
at work... supervising the kids at recess.

5 minutes ago I was ...
taking Lucy out then changing my pants (my other ones were wet from walking all over downtown hillsboro in the rain).

5 things on my 'to do' list today:
1. make dinner
2. fold laundry
3. kiss dan when he comes home
4. watch some 24
5. go to bed early (which most likely will not happen)

5 recent pieces of mail I've received:
1. 2 wedding invites.
2. clothes from American Eagle
3. my new vehicle registration from the DMV (in my name, no longer my father's)
4. PGE bill
5. a coupon for FREE pizza from Papa John's... don't tell me that's not exciting!

5 things I would do if I became a billionaire:
1. dan and i would become foster parents
2. get a larger house with a big yard
3. have dan just go to school until he was finished
4. buy dan an amazing home office with all the fun things he needs/wants for his web design type business
5. get a digital SLR (this will happen even if i am not a billionaire)

5 of my bad habits:
1. getting on the computer every morning. I usually do it while I eat breakfast... either a whole grain bagel and a smoothie... or some honey nut cheerios... but I think I'd get to work earlier if I just focused on getting ready for the day
2. cleaning things that don't need to be cleaned... or that need to be cleaned FAR less than some of the other things in my house.
3. tuning things out
4. not returning phone calls or emails
5. not being assertive enough... i am getting better though!

5 good memories:
1. long hours talking on the phone with dan while we were just friends friends and also while were dating. man, that was the best. sometimes we still talk about our fun phone conversations, to which dan replies, "we need to talk on the phone more, how come we never talk on the phone anymore?" in his i'm-so-hilarious tone, which I happen to love.
2. riding big wheels at the park behind my grandparents old house.
3. going to kentucky to spend some time with Andrea when her now 8 year old was a new baby, watching passions (don't judge us) and eating pillsberry flaky layer biscuits and blueberries.
4. the first time I held hands with dan.
5. virginia beach, the weekend dan proposed.

5 places I've lived:
1. portland, OR
2. forest grove, OR
3. hillsboro/aloha/beaverton, OR (close enough to the same thing)
4. south carolina (you may not call this living... but i do, 10 weeks in that horrid heat, living in barracks, on a tiny, uncomfortable bed that i grew to love every minute of sitting on and laying in, especially while reading dan's letters with my red lens flashlight)
5. virginia beach (also, hardly lived here... for 4 weeks, but it felt like i lifetime since now i was able to email and call dan! but, i loved it here, and i got to go to REAL church, not shortened church on an army base in my ACU's... in a REAL skirt!)

5 songs I love:
1. "I Will" by The Beatles. Dan will often sing this to me in the morning/before we fall asleep at night. It is one of my FAVORITE things in the whole world.
2. "Godspeed" by the Dixie Chicks. It makes me want to have a little baby boy and sing it to him. 3. "Tracing" by John Mayer
4. "Angel" by Jack Johnson
5. "Song for a Friend" by Jason Mraz

5 jobs I've had:
1. Head Start
2. Coldstone Creamery
3. American Eagle Outfitters
4. Camp Rivendale

5 books I love:
1. The Holy Temple
2. The Book of Mormon
3. The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-time
4. Pride and Prejudice
5. Little Women

5 things that are out of place around my house:
1. the laundry that is folded, but still in the basket... not put away.
2. one of the kitchen table chairs in the office... however it will probably stay here since Dan often has people over for work in here and needs 2 chairs.
3. the griddle... we keep it in the downstairs closet because there really isn't room in the kitchen
4. all of my shoes downstairs, instead of up in my closet where I'd like to keep them
5. Dan's clothes that he so "cutely" lays out every night after he takes them off... just like a person is laying on the floor wearing them... even his socks. how can you get upset at leaving clothes out when he does it so adorably?

5 things I love to eat:
hahaha... lately, i haven't had much appetite, so the answers tonight might be somewhat askew
1. smoothies
2. yogurt (trader joe's vanana is the best)
3. cucumbers with vinegar
4. chocolate
5. toasted bagel with butter and jam

5 people (who are not blood relations or in-laws) who have had a positive impact on my life:
1. Mr. Dunlop, my high school band teacher. he was like my second father almost. he works so hard and is so busy, but still always seemed to have time to talk to me if i needed to. he helped me a lot through those nasty dramatic teenage years.
2. Jessica West from Army BCT. She was really my only true friend at basic. Being bay leader, she stuck by me and helped me out a lot. We had so many good conversations and talks. I miss her terribly.
3. Dr. Burch-Pesses, my professor at Pacific... over the band. I still keep in contact with him today and he has given me an abundance of "life tips" especially regarding the military (as he was an officer in the Navy). He is such a respected and wise man. He is so warm and welcoming, truly understanding. One of my favorite professors, hands down.
4. Bishop Duncombe, the bishop while I was in the singles ward. He is so fun and smart, although he might beg to differ. He is full of wonderful stories that I will never forget. He has a beautiful loving wife, who is also on this list... but we'll mesh these two into one. He encouraged me so much and had faith in me and my family when at times I didn't.
5. And last, but certainly not least, President Hinckley and President Monson... and all of the general authorities really. I love listening to their words, which speak of God and for God. They are so inspiring. I could go on... but you know how it is :)

I tag five: Mandee, Ashleigh, Danielle, Connie, and Heather


M-GemBlaisdell said...

You always have the funnest posts to read! Too much for me to comment on... I LOVE that little princess movie too! I think I might like the Shirley Temple version better than the newer one, but both are amazing.

The pinhole camera looks like a super rad project. Let me know when you are going to do it.

Man, I have so much blog catching up to do!!!

The Thornocks said...

Okay, I swear I I haven't forgotten and I do plan on doing this for my blog. Just give me a month or so....okay, maybe not quite a month ;-) This was so cute, I loved it! Anyway, I thought I should let you know that I plan on doing it and that I'm just a slacker who procrastinates everything!