it's your birthday!!!


You turn 23 today... (granted the picture on the right is you at 21)... You are the most amazing husband I could ever have asked for. I am so blessed to have you in my life... and to build our life together. Hooray for one year older :)

You deserve the best birthday ever!!!

Remember to come to Dan's pancake party tonight, where we will feature some of Dan's favorite foods :)

In other exciting news, we also signed up to participate, along with Heather ,
in the Livestrong Challenge 2008!!! We are just running the 5k, but I am way excited!! Thanks Heather for the suggestion & email!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday Dan!

Also, I am super excited that you guys are doing the race with me. I ran a race once by myself and it was so boring to be alone!

The Thornocks said...

Happy Birthday Dan! I love that yours, mine and Matt Hall's birthdays are all a couple days apart. It makes it easy to remember. I wish I could run that race with you guys. It looks like it would be easy and fun. Anyway, hope you guys have fun tonight and I wish I could be there!

munga said...

Your Birthday is almost over but I hope you had a WONDERFUL day. I felt sad that I couldn't attend your Birthday party but it was our Enrichment night and I had to help with the food.
We feel so blessed to have you in our family. You are such a GREAT husband to our Courtney. Know that we love you very much.

Anonymous said...

stellar party tonight. i'd have been a lot more fun if my lower right side weren't in agonizing pain 24/7. :( happy birthday dan, and i'm excited to play on the comp courtney!!!