I love getting to know a new CD. You listen to it all the way through and you find songs you fall in love with right away.... love at first listen. Like this song:

FYI: Dan and I are going to learn and record this song, so nobody steal our thunder!

Then there are the songs that you listen to the first time and could care less for, then one day depending on the events of the day or your mood or your more intent listening, you realize how great it actually is. For me, a good CD is one where I can put it down for awhile, come back to it and fall in love with a new song. John Mayer CD's really do that for me... and so do Jason Mraz CDs. This is one of those songs.

Back to what first got me to post this blog. Jason Mraz's new CD is great. There are songs that right now I could care less for, but I have a feeling that could change soon. He is so talented and very dynamic.


Danielle and the Boys said...

oh i love jason mraz! he's one of those singers that just makes you so HAPPY when you listen to him! :)