half way there

Today is my day off from AT (annual training) for "Oregon's Own" 234th Army Band. Since last Saturday we've been to Newport, Florence, Coos Bay, Reedsport, Grants Pass, Myrtle Creek, and Roseburg. This next week we'll be hitting up Wilsonville, Astoria, Hillsboro, and Cove. It's been busy with lots of concerts and late nights packing and loading up all of the equipment... followed by even later hours of having late dinners. There has also been a small amount of time to hang out and have fun... including pool time and even catching Hancock at a small movie theater after a delicious sushi dinner. Dan's been able to come on part of the tour, which has been extra nice. And this week I'll be mostly closer to home and get to sleep in my own bed :) Thanks to our new 4GB memory card in addition to our old one... Dan &I have about 700 pictures of lots of things from hanging out, to raveling, to venues and concerts, and much more. Here are a select few (however still a lot of) shots from the tour thus far.
See ya'll next week (unless you come to the FREE Hillsboro show*)

*Remember: We are playing at Shute Park this Thursday night (the 31st) at 7pm! We have a concert band, jazz band, and a rockin rock band! Bring food and friends!


Kimberly said...

Courtney! So, I totally thought we were going to be able to make it. however, that is the weekend we are up in the San juans! I am SO bummed! Well, not that we'll be in the San Juans, but that we'll miss your concert. LAME! Good luck anyway and have so much fun! We should hang out when you get back... :)

munga said...

Grandpa and I enjoyed your concert in Wilsonville tonight so much ~ even if it did rain.
We were so glad to be able to drive to Newport last weekend to see you perform with the band also.
It was so fun to see you and Dan both there.
It's WONDERFUL to be able to share these moments with you.
We'll see you Thursday night at Shute Park. You're the best and we love you very much.

Verenice said...

We are going to try to go. I love these pictures of the army. It is a neat thing that you can capture them this way.