families are forever

tomorrow, these two adorable little girls are officially family. they've felt like family since they came to live with the Blaisdells (my mother and father-in-law). tomorrow is the adoption ceremony and they'll be sealed to the family in december, when more family members are in town.



now dan's siblings number 11

{family picture by ksenia everton at our wedding last december}


Kimberly said...

Don't his siblings number 10? There are 11 kids total, right?

I love the pictures!!! Go you and Ksenia!

Courtney B said...

haha... yeah, 10 and then him. 11 kids in his family total :)
you are on top of things, Kim!

matriarch said...
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matriarch said...

How blessed these two beautiful little girls are to be adopted by the Blaisdells. And how blessed the Blaisdells are to have them.
Courtney's Grandmother

Danielle and the Boys said...

yay...they are so gorgeous and sweet every time I see them! :)

Verenice said...

So, I LOVE those pictures you took of them. If you ever print them, I would love a copy because Eva has really grown in love with her "Beana." That's what she calls Brianna.

Josh and Jena said...

Hey fellow blogger & ward mate! I love your blog and your photography- I'm so impressed. I had no idea that so many people in the ward had blogs until Rachel Guenther introduced me to her blog and I found a few more people off of hers. I'm a blog junkie, so I'm quite excited about as it turns out! =) Congrats on the adoption of those adorable girls!

munga said...

Can Grandpa and I attend when the girls are sealed to the Blaisdell's?
Love, Grandma