Happy Birthday Tommy!

Just wanted to say congratulations to Mandee and Greg for bringing their beautiful baby boy into the world. Dan and I got to watch Meg and Emmy while the 3rd time new parents were in the hospital and we had a lot of fun. We played the "congo drums" and guitars, we sang lots of songs, jumped on the bed, played hide and seek, and went to visit Tommy & mommy!

Here's Meg looking all grown up

Meg rockin' out old school on the guitar

Emmy gettin' down with it!

Dan with our new nephew

and the new addition to the Blaisdell clan himself

there were many more pictures... but not enough time...
too much laundry to fold and pictures to edit.


Kimberly said...

Wow, he's beautiful! Congrats to them. I'm glad you guys got to help out watching the kids. And yes, Meg does look so grown up!

Danielle and the Boys said...

how CUTE is he? Congrats to their family...so exciting!

M-GemBlaisdell said...

Thanks a billion for all of your help!!! The girls always love spending time with their 2nd parents.

Those are the coolest pictures that have ever been taken of Meg!