oh... the weather outside is frightful

i am normally very fond of the snow. but by the time we decided to go on a walk, it was miserable outside. the snow was coming down and the wind was blowing so hard... it hurt. we only lasted about 10 minutes outside. and though it's real windy and colder today, at least it's clear. i might have to walk to the grocery store. we ran out of bread yesterday. food just doesn't seem to last as long since i've been pregnant and eating every 1-2 hours. i am still not used to it.







our puppy is so cute.


The Hadley Family said...

Courtney, DON"T walk to the store. Call and tell us where you live and Garth will bring you some bread. You will turn into an icecube before you ever make it to the store. :D

Kimberly said...

Um Court? You're beautiful!!! And your pictures made me smile. I love them! And yes...your puppy is so cute and that's says a lot coming from me ;)

The Thornocks said...

awe, I love these pics. I really should get out and take some too, but I'm a weanie and I don't like to be cold. I'm also a horrible mother because I've refused to let the girls out. I will eventually, I swear...it's just too...COLD!!!

Rob and Marseille said...

The picture of you is super cute! If you're still sick, ask your doctor for zofran. It works wonders.

Lex-a-roo said...

Wow, you are such an amazing photographer!

M-GemBlaisdell said...

I love the dog coat!!! I sent my sister and her husband to your photo blog and it made them want your camera really bad.