the first of many winter break posts.

This has been a fairly busy winter break... busy in a good way. Full of family outings, conversations, christmas festivities, and projects. At one point all of Dan's siblings were in town... so we were making the most of it. We did all sorts of fun things (more pictures to follow in later posts). I'll start from the beginning. The day after Christmas the kids all went sledding. I opted not to go because I wasn't feeling well (the second trimester is bringing headaches in place of the nausea) and it was pretty wet outside. So Dan went and played with the kids and took tons of great pictures. These are only a few. I stayed back with Pam and Stephanie drinking peppermint hot cocoa and chatting... which was wonderfully calm.

Other than spending time with family and friends... our house has developed some not so fun problems... water leaking... along with many of our unfortunate neighbors. I got up this morning (very late I might add... we were out way too long after midnight) only to find our love seat soaked with mildew smelling water. It was gross. Hopefully it can get looked at soon. The leaking has seemed to stop... the bowl stopped filling at around 3pm... and didn't get too full... it subsided with the rain... leading us to believe that this is a part of what has been going on for awhile with these finely made buildings undergoing a lawsuit. We also had an incident in one of the upstairs bedrooms where the carpet got wet with the same stinky water... one evening of wetness... long lasting odor... barf. Now I hate being home because it stinks. I have a feeling we'll be getting either new carpet, some new couches... or both if I can't get the smell out. I want to vomit. Who likes the smell of mildew? NO ONE!

Anyway... on to sledding pictures!







Kimberly said...

That's sad that your house is stinky! You can come stay with us if you want :)

That first picture looks super-imposed. It doesn't even look real. I love it...and I love YOU!

Marissa and Blaine said...

How sad to hear about your leak! I'm so sorry! I hope you're able to get the smell out soon!

Zach said...

gosh that literally and figuratively stinks. hope all works out.

M-GemBlaisdell said...

I hope your couch is doing ok. I love that couch. Gorgeous snow pics.