best bagels on the block

sure... they're a little more pricy, but to us... they are totally worth it.


can be found at New Seasons market or at the actual Portland bakery.

made with the simplest of ingredients, they have the best taste.
local sustainable wheat flour, water, brown sugar, yeast, salt, shined with egg & water
"why does everyone else have to add all the junk to other bagels if this is so good?" Dan

... so true how sad our food culture has become.


Danielle and the Boys said...

woo-hooo!!! you're down to the double digits until your little man is here! :)

The Churches said...

Ohhhh... I DREAM of soft, doughy bagels- those ones look gooood! The ones at Trader Joe's are okay but not quite cuttin' it.

Alder said...

Remember the bagel story
jenn shared?

'Those are the toughest donuts I've ever eaten'

Georgia said...

I think Brian Hains Mom makes these right? The Portland bakery? I think thats the name of her place. IDK....

Annette said...

Whole Foods has Pumkin Raisin ones made by the same company and they are wonderful... I just went and picked some up today!