quite awhile ago...

My brother returned from Russia, where he served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have been way lazy about getting these pictures posted and online, but here is his arrival at the airport. He rode on a plane home with an entire high school band along with all of their chaperons who had been in Washington DC for President Obama's inauguration. People were flooding the gates and we were worried we'd miss seeing him in the huge crowd. The crowd was thinning out, but we knew it was his flight because a man saw our sign and said "I sat by him... he is ready to be home..." But, still no Justin... for a long time. We had two false alarms, our entire entourage cheered and screamed when we thought the first false alarm was him, but it was not... hahaha... finally he came. He said he had to use the bathroom, get a drink, and when he heard the screams and yells... he knew it was us and decided to wait a little bit before making his entrance... and that is Justin for you.

a sign my grandpa had made. he is so proud.

my sister, Amber, signing the sign.

Father and son

Amber and Laura were both in tears... happy to see their big brother.
We are happy to have him home, and now it seems like he's been home forever. He will be leaving in less than a month for Utah where he'll attend BYU.


jamie t. said...

Wow, what a reunion! I bet that you're all glad to have him home.

Georgia said...

AWWW this is touching!