{forest grove, or}

spring is here. the sun is shining (more than it has been) and flowers are blooming. with the warmth of the season, the coming of our little boy is drawing closer.

we've been very busy lately, but have also found time for some fun. we've spent as much time as we can outside, going to parks or just on a walk. the past 2 saturdays were spent at garage sales (tis the season). we have found some awesome finds, including:
a pretty much brand new Joovy Caboose stroller (original packaging)

a bread machine, a child size white rocking chair, and some antique (awesome and colorful looking) children's books from the 1930's: titles including Huckleberry Finn, Swiss Family Robinson, etc. We have 10 of them. Oh... and Dan got an 80G hard drive for $5.


Danielle and the Boys said...

isn't shopping for baby stuff the best? i mean, not the paying for part but getting to hold it and imagine your little one using it? i can't believe we're on the final stretch. woo-hooo!

Danica said...

We have that stroller and LOVE it!