talented people

one of my old friends Chris Mai (we met back when we both worked at American Eagle... I would be back in the stock room folding and processing away to my own music, when the rappers weren't there. Chris noticed that I actually listened to good music ;) and we sparked up a friendship based on our love of music) is generous enough to share his music with me on my photography site!

{chris, stew, and myself waiting in line for the JM3 concert. 7 hours was worth front row}

as dan and i are working on my photography website (along with some help from others) i knew i wanted some awesome and original music on there. who would be better than Chris? not many people, that is for sure.

even though i haven't seen chris for ages and ages, he was kind enough to let me put some of his band's (In Good Company) work on the site when it goes up. really, these guys are better than most people on the radio.

a big huge THANK YOU to Chris and his talented band!

Here are some must see videos:

Original piece (that I love):

John Mayer cover:

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you will not regret it.
and listen for them when i launch my photography site (hopefully soooooon)


The Thornocks said...

wow, they are awesome! I spent way too much time searching them and listening to all their music. They are just so smoothe and talented. Love it!

Alder said...

Yea! Chris! BTW, you looked so cute in that outfit you were wearing in the picture above...and thanks for waiting in line all day so we could be front row too! Mom

Britany said...

I loooove the first video. I found them on youtube a while back and I am def a follower now :)

Andrea said...

They are really good! Thanks for sharing.
Give us a baby update!!!!

Danielle and the Boys said...

alright so you are quick to post about things like winning a baby sling but you haven't gotten a baby post up yet?! C'mon Court-you can do it!!! Do you need me to come over and snuggle with sweet Arlo so you can take a break and work on it? Because I'd be willing! ;)

But really. I hope you're getting plenty of rest and are feeling okay. Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about how everything went for you.

Andrea said...

I'm going to hound you again for pictures of my favorite great nephew. I want to see him. Not that I am ungrateful for the phone pics (because I LOVE any pictures of the little morsel of baby boy goodness), but I want, I want, I want!!! Mostly I hope you are all happy and well:) Just had to bug you for a minute. I mean, how many times a week can I check your blog? Love you!