3 whole months

Our little guy hit the big three month mark today. I cannot believe it. I also cannot believe the fact that he is in mostly 6-12 month and 9 month sized clothing. Wow. He is a big kid. He is loving the little play mat that I picked up (for $10) at the Just Between Friends consignment sale... he coos and smiles at the toys hanging and is learning that it is his hands that are hitting them. He also loves the song "If You're Happy and You Know It", if he's fussing in the car (and not too worked up) I can usually start singing that and he'll stop... he also does his miniature laugh when I sing it to him at home. His favorite lullaby song is "Love One Another"... he definitely recognizes different songs. He either loves to be laying flat on his back or standing on a lap. He is starting to really love the sling even more.

Play time today:



don't mind my talking... he also loves it when i am talking... and i talk to him all day long, no matter what i am doing. i even noticed i was talking to him as i was grocery shopping today. others probably thought i was a little weird.


Ksenia said...

Cute! I'm glad he loves his mat.

Arlo, you look fabulous on your three month birthday

Danielle and the Boys said...

he sure is handsome court! it was fun seeing you guys today!!! :)

Harris Family said...

woa, it seems like you were just announcing his birth not too long ago. I can't believe he is 3 months. What a cutie though.

The Earley's said...

He is so cute!! I really like the white shirt with the tie :)

sharla_bee said...

People always look at me like I'm crazy when I talk to Lucas while I'm out and about. Arlo is adorable!I have a tie onsie like his for Lucas with a blue and green tie. Aren't they cute! Too bad Lucas only wore his about a month but it was cute while it lasted. You definitely got yourself a lady killer there!

5xblsd said...

I LOVED my sling from the time I had the twins on. It was the best. You can tell I have missionaries on the brain, I see Arlo in that little tie and he looks like a little budding missionary. So cute!