future boxer

as an alumna of Pacific Universtiy, Oregon, i received an adorable little t-shirt for Arlo. i was so excited when i got it in the mail... i had to take pictures of him in it right there and then. i loved Pacific, it is a great school and i really enjoyed my time there. it was there that i really started to love learning. before, i liked it and i was always a good student... but pacific gave me a passion for it. this gift was given to me by the professors, the challenge and competition, the other students, and the expectations. i owe a lot to the people who made that experience possible (literally... hahaha).


also, i am still on the website!

can you see me?

i was not informed, nor did i intend to be a part of this photo shoot. my friend and i happened to be the only two in the anatomy/biology lab that saturday morning studying (yes, saturday morning... i was/am a geek). while we were in there, they came in to do the shoot and had us participate as well. we are pretending to study a model of an eyeball.


Rachel said...

Hey, you guys look like you're seriously interested in the eye! Did you tell them you had a baby or what? How long ago was that and what is your degree in? I know what you did at Quatama but I wasn't sure what your exact degree title was/is?

Courtney B said...

Yeah, on Pacific's alumni web site it says to let them know when you have a baby (and other things) and they'll send you a t-shirt for the baby :)

I graduated in 2007 with a degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Motor Development. I was also one class short of minoring in psychology, but I guess I can't claim that since it's not official :)

Verenice said...

I can't believe how much he looks like you. He's a cutie!

The Earley's said...

I love the outfit! I wonder if my school would send me something like that. He is a cutie!